About me

Graduate in Computer Engineering specialization Network, I work in design and development of websites since June 2015.

Animated by a true passion for computing and new technologies, always on the lookout for the latest techniques of programming and web development, today it’s a know-how (I strive to perfect this knowledge daily) that I bring to serve your projects whatever their complexity.

Web design and integration, programming, hosting management and referencing, I am the specialist in Bastia, that you need talking about creation, customization and management of your websites.

A website adapted to your needs

My skills at your service

Whatever your need, I will study a solution.

Whether your interest is on a showcase website, a dynamic website, an e-commerce shop, a website requiring a content management interface, a service booking website, I will be able to answer your requests.

My knowledge of the common languages ​​of the web (HTML, CSS, php, Javascript, jQquery…),my ability to manage and use mySQL databases, my knowledge of domain name management and hosting and in SEO, make me the ideal interlocutor for the realization of your future communication tool.


Modern design

With your craft in mind and targeting your visitors conversion, all the sites I realize use modern techniques and presentation.

Responsive Design makes possible to adapt the content to the visualization tool (Your website will be adaptable and viewable on desktop computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets without required action from visitors)

Maintenance and Support

Technical expertise and configuration assistance

In addition to the realization of your sites, I take charge of the management of associated services as well as technical maintenance and content management.

Regular backups, updates of design tools and additional tools, management and control of access authorizations so that your data remain safe and ensure great experience for your visitors.

My expertise in WordPress and Prestashop also allows me to offer you assistance in creation, configuration and maintenance of your websites and online shops.

Latest websites

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