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A lightweight tool that will allow you to insert any DIVI Library item inside another module content or inside a php template.
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This plugin will register a new shortcode inside the divi builder.

Inside the Divi library, each module, section or layout available will display a new field called "showmodule" with the post id.

This is the shortcode you'll have to copy in order to be able to paste the given section/module/layout inside another module.

Now you have the ability to insert a module inside another
Using this tool, you can insert any DIVI library item (Layout, section, row, module) inside the "content" field of another one.

So we can imagine having a map, a client testimonial, a form contact or any other DIVI library existing item inside another module, like for example a tab or an accordion module.

In this live example, shortcodes were inserted inside a tab module.

Hi all, here you see that you can insert existing modules inside a tab module. Possibilities are numerous. There are also limitations, accordion in accordion doesn't work, and global modules may not work properly. But it's a great tool to achieve some new kind of designs.


Freelance, Creaweb2b

7 + 2 =

Unleash your creativity

Speciality section inside a tab.

Two columns.

An image at the left.

2 rows at the right.

Multiple bulrb modules.

All this insde a tab.

Nice looking result.

With a single shortcode.

A propos du Brandy

A propos des boissons de l'été

A propos des fruits frais

Ceci est un exemple d'insertion d'une section contenant 2 lignes. La première ligne contient 3 colonnes et la deuxième ligne une colonne avec un lien.

- Fabrice ESQUIROL

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How to install and use
Once you have downloaded the file, just load it as any other plugin (plugins --> add new --> upload the zip file) - Indicate the path where you uploaded the plugin .ZIP file.

Activate the plugin and let's take a look at DIVI library. all library items now have a given shortcode to call them from anywhere.

Let's give it a try to build more powerful websites. The following video demonstrate how to install the plugin and how to use a shortcode inside a module.

Of course you can call these shortcodes inside a php page template (single.php, category.php...) by using the following function : do_shortcode('YourSHORTCODEhere')

Limitations - Known problems

  • Googlemaps can't be hidden at start or they won't work fine. So you can use googlemap module only inside first tab of a tab module.
  • A map module won't work inside toggle or accordion module
  • Due to DIVI way to call maps, you can't have 2 maps modules on same page
  • There seems to be an issue when you try to desactivate a section or item containing a shortcode, so hidden on mobile/tablet or desktop won't work if there is a shortcode inside your section/module
  • You can't use an accordion inside another one, a toggle module inside another one or a tab module inside another one.
  • Visual builder won't allow you to manage shortcode sections content. You have to build and modify your layouts inside the divi library
Don't wait anymore
A simple, lightweight and efficient tool to improve design capacity using DIVI

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  1. Cees

    This really works like a charm. Endless possibilities!

  2. carmine morra

    WOW, this is a savior. Now got get creative.

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